Welcome to SOCO Pet Lounge.

A place designed to allow your pet to play for a day, stay for a while or even receive a refreshing bath or hair and nail clipping in our Grooming Lounge. A place for fun, social play or even just to get away...alone or with friends, the fun and relaxation never end. A place where you can do some shopping, while your pet is sleeping, eating or hopping. Whether you're out of town or just out on the town, bring your pet to "lounge around".

SOCO Pet Lounge was developed in cooperation with veterinarians from our partners at Capital Veterinary Clinic (located just down the street). Through this relationship, we have direct access to immediate veterinary care should it ever become necessary during your pet's stay. Our partnership with Capital Vet Clinic also allows us to provide basic veterinary services including vaccinations so that all you have to do is leave your pet and leave the rest to us. Our concept is to truly provide a total experience for the enjoyment, safety and security of your pet as well as your personal peace of mind.

By SOCO Pet Lounge